3 Basic Things You Need To Know Before You Go For A Heavy Vehicle Licence In NSW

Heavy vehicle travel in Australia accounts for nearly twenty per cent of all traffic on the road, and that number grows everyday. While there are many reasons to apply for a heavy vehicle licence, it is important to go in with a full understanding of the RMS system, the different classes within heavy vehicle licences and the steps you need to take to obtain a heavy vehicle licence successfully. This article will walk you through what you will encounter when you go in for your test and help you maximise your possibility of getting your licence. Read More 

Called a Towing Service to Move Your Car? Here’s What You Should Do Before They Arrive!

If your car has broken down or been in a crash and needs to be towed to the closest mechanic, you're probably experiencing considerable anxiety and stress—which may cause you to forget about a couple of important things. Of course, your main goal is to get the car to the mechanic so it can be repaired, but there are a few things within your car that shouldn't make the trip. Here's what you should gather from your car before the towing service arrives. Read More 

Why You Can Safely Choose a Diesel-Engined Vehicle Following This Emissions Breakthrough

If you've been toying with the idea of changing your mode of transportation and have an eye to the future, you may be wondering whether you should invest in diesel power or not, especially if you haven't done so in the past. You may pay attention to trends and always want to do the right thing for the environment, and you may be sitting on the fence regarding the whole decision. Read More 

Why You Should Think Twice before Buying a Replacement Part for Your Car

If you're like most Australians, you will always be on the lookout for a bargain as you try to maximise the amount of money that you have available for your budgetary spend. You may be aware that your car represents a sizeable expenditure and may not be too happy when you have to source a replacement part because something has failed. Nevertheless, you need to carefully consider where you are going to source these parts and not be driven solely by economics. Read More 

Summer Is Coming: Time to Make Sure That Your Car’s AC System Can Cope

Sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference between winter and summer in the Australian tropics. Nevertheless, many people determine that the cooler season has arrived when they can drive to work in their car without using the air conditioning system. If you've been enjoying this type of climate over the past few months, then you will be aware that the summer season is on the horizon again and you need to make sure that you're A/C system is up to the job. Read More